Proxy Unblock for iOS

Proxy Unblock for iOS

proxy unblock for ios

proxy unblock for ios

iOS was developed by Apple Inc. it’s exclusively used on its smartphone iPhone and tablets iPad and iPad mini. As iOS supports many features including Internet access, browsing and downloading apps, you might need a tool for proxy unblock for iOS, for many reasons including:

Wi-Fi hotspot protection: If you move around a lot and you’re connected to the Internet through free Wi-Fi hotspot in places like hotels or airports using a tool for proxy unblock for iOS would help you encrypt Internet connection and protect it from hackers and data sniffers.

Unblock websites: some websites work exclusively in some countries like Netflix and Hulu. Using a tool for proxy unblock for iOS allows you to open any blocked site.

Surf anonymously: when you surf the Internet, your IP address is exposed and can be misused. When you use a tool for proxy unblock for iOS, you will change your IP address completely.

What is the best tool for proxy unblock for iOS

WASEL Pro is the best tool for proxy unblock for iOS and you’ll see why

The ability to use it on two devices at once: when you subscribe in WASEL Pro VPN tool for proxy unblock for iOS you will be able to use the tool on your desktop (Windows or Mac) as well as you iPhone or iPad at the same time.

No need for Jailbreak: jailbreak is gaining root access to the iOS to allow using apps not authorized by Apple Inc. which can always put your device at risk of getting infected by viruses or spyware. But you don’t need to jailbreak in order to setup proxy unblock for iOS.

L2TP VPN protocol instead of PPTP: many tools for proxy unblock for iOS use PPTP protocol but WASEL Pro uses the reliable more secure and stable L2TP protocol. With 256-bit encryption, L2TP is known to be the best VPN protocol for mobile devices.

How to setup VPN tool for proxy unblock for iOS

Got to to get your VPN account data

Start from home screen. Go to “Settings“.

Go to “General“.

Go to “Network“.

Then proceed to “VPN“.

Tap on “Add VPN Configuration

Choose “L2TP” tab.

Enter Description, ServerAccountPassword and Secret

Send All Traffic should be ON.

Save the Configuration and go back.

 Now turn WASEL Pro VPN connection ON.

 Wait while it connects. Confirm that the connection is on by checking its Status. Also notice the VPN badge on the title bar.

To check if your IP is changed successfully open your browser and proceed to


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